Love -From my kitchen to yours.

One quarter of what we eat keeps us alive, the other three quarters keeps our doctors alive.  the real secret behind the success of any recipe lies in the fact that we choose the right ingredients, cook them to perfection and serve them in a manner that everyone craves to try your creation.  Most importantly you should enjoy your cooking.  Remember the most vital ingredient to any dish is a hint of love.  This web page consists of global recipes which are healthy, scrumptious, easy to make with healthy ingredients.  Each recipe has been written in easy steps so that anybody can follow them and cook up a storm- literally so.   For me cooking has always been a stress-buster.  This webpage brings out recipes which I have learnt my entire life. It will prove to be a great help for home cooks.  Remember if you can’t find happiness anywhere – try home cooking.  Bon Appetit everyone and Happy cooking.